Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20 update

We're back from the first Michigan gourd festival and all things considered, (rain and new event) it went very well. I hope they have it again next year.
Gary's gourd was well received and won the Best of Show ribbon. My last year's Bird of Paradise gourd got a first place in weaving. I really should have done another piece, but I'm obviously in 'drift' mode this year.

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13 update

Here is the finished front of the gourd with the saddle attached for mounting. The sides have been left uncoloured, finished with Deft.
The centre and saddle have been painted with acrylics.

This is the inner disk that will be added inside the gourd to provide depth and contrast. It is a canteen gourd that has been shaped and reconstructed. Gold metal leafing has been applied, and it will sit on a small gourd to raise it to the correct level inside.

The base is a section of a canteen gourd that has been filled to add weight and stability. The surface has been left uncoloured, but sealed with clear sealer.

Assembly is completed. The gold insert has been attached inside, and the back panel replaced. The entire sculpture is centred with a 1 inch wooden dowel to hold everything in place. The drawing of a jaquar has been started on the panel using coloured pencil crayons.

By clicking on the picture you should get an enlargement which will show you the details of the pencil drawing. It is outlined in white and then coloured in a bit at a time.